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Image & Print Of The Year 2023-2024

The high point of our internal competition year arrived with a selection of our top placed digital images and prints on show. We were fortunate to have the services of Erica Oram to judge both competitions. Erica won the Best Photographer accolade at the YPU Exhibition in 2022 when we held it at Hull University. She provided some very sound comment and critique for the entries and said that as these were the best of the images produced by f4 over the 2023-2024 period, she expected a difficult task in selecting the winners. However, choose them she did.

The Winner of the Image Of The Year trophy for 2023-2024 was Julian Ogino-Stamford with his image "On The Run", and Julian also took second place with "A Black Wedding Dress". In third place was John Campbell with his portrait - "Leah".

Here are the top three images :-

1st - "On The Run" - Julian Ogino-Stamford

2nd - "A Black Wedding Dress" - Julian Ogino-Stamford

3rd - "Leah" - John Campbell

Here's Julian receiving his award from Erica Oram

The second half of the evening was taken up by the Print Of The Year award. Erica had a smaller number of prints to judge as we have fewer print competitions but, nevertheless, she again provided excellent feedback and again had a difficult task. She adjudged that the winner of the award for this year was Steve Littlewood with "A Precision Dip" with Chris Hatfield taking second and third places with "Speicherstadt" and U-Bahn. Here are the top three images :-

1 - "Precision Dip" - Steve Littlewood

2 - "Speicherstadt" - Chris Hatfield

3 - "U-Bahn" - Chris Hatfield

Here is Steve receiving his award :-

My sincere thanks to Erica for joining us last night and many congratulations to our winners and all members who found their way into the top three positions to enable them to reach the finals.

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