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Images of the Year 2016


After the Annual Trophies comes the question of which image was the best of all. Divided as two contests representing the parallel streams of PDIs and Prints - who were the top dogs for 2016? Judged by our Deputy Chairman, Jon Teal won with this stylish PDi of the new Scale Lane swing bridge, which links Scale Lane with Tower Street, creating a unique pedestrian route between the city's museums in the historic Old Town and The Deep Submarium as well as accommodating river traffic and is the only moving bridge in the UK where people can stay on it as it swings. The winning Print was one of our iconic images of 2016 - Zonda, that beautiful Grey Buzzard Eagle immortalised by Paul Lazenby. Zonda heralded in a whole new generation of bird images by the f4 Group – all year we have been dazzled by birds of prey, Kingfishers, and diving Gannets. Congratulations to both Jon and Paul for taking these two trophies for 2016.

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