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PDI Round 7 - Still Life

Last night we held the last of our seven projected digital image competitions. This competition was scored by a selection of 5 of our members and critique was provided by John Campbell.

The winner of the final round was Julian Ogino-Stamford with "The Vegetable", followed by Nigel Dalton with "Purple and Yellow" with Tony Evans in 3rd place with "Reading By Candlelight". Well done to Julian on the win and thanks to John for the critique.

This gives us our winner of the f4 Digital Trophy for 2023-2024 and this post will follow shortly.

Here are the top 3 images

1st Julian Ogino-Stamford - "The Vegetable"

2nd Nigel Dalton - "Purple And Yellow"

3rd Tony Evans - "Reading By Candlelight"

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