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Victory for f4.

On Thursday evening we held our annual PDI & Print competition against f.0cus of Bridlington. It's usually a tight affair and this was no exception.

Our judge was YPU secretary Stephen Dean who braved the elements all the way from Pontefract. Our home at The Highway pub in Hull was nearly full with most of f4 members attending and also some from Bridlington. We also had a number of members joining in via Zoom.

At the end of the PDI competition, Stephen's marking left f4 with a slight lead over f.0cus, 263 points to 258. There were 3 maximum scores of 20 in this part of the competition, two for f4 - Ian Glaves with "Cuckoo J & Dunnock" and Julian Ogino-Stamford with "Firework Champions" and one for f.0cus with "A Cold Bath".

The second part of the evening was purely the print element of the competition and again after due consideration and comment, Stephen judged in favour of f4 by 90 points to 87, giving us an overall win of 353 marks against f.0cus with 345. Again, there were three maximum scores, two for f4, Gareth Morgan with "Ballet Marionette" and Dez Green with "Close Racing" and one for f.0cus with "Golden Eagle On Dead Fox".

Thanks to External Competition Secretary Steve Littlewood for running the evening and to everyone for their input. We look forward to next year's contest at Bridlington.

Here are the f4 images that were awarded maximum points :-

PDI Competition.

Ian Glaves - Cuckoo J & Dunnock

Julian Ogino-Stamford - Firework Champions

Print Competition

Gareth Morgan - Ballet Marionette

Dez Green - Close Racing

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