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Competition Rules

           Competition Rules for Entry

f4 Group Internal Competition Rules For Digital Projected Images (PDI)

  • A maximum of 3 PDIs may be entered for any monthly competition.

  • Images are to be submitted as:

o JPEG’s at maximum image quality up to 1.9MB file size

o At a resolution of 300ppi
o sRGB Colour Space.

  • All images must be sized WITHIN the maximum 1600px (wide) x 1200px (high) size limit, including any border applied. i.e.:

o A horizontal shaped image should be up to1600px wide and up to1200px high.

o A vertical or square shaped image should be1200px high.

o Preferably, all images should have one dimension at the width(1600px) and/or height (1200px) pixel limit. Never more than these.

o Smaller sizes (from the maximum) are acceptable but may suffer some quality loss during projection (images may be stretched to fill the frame).

  • Images larger than these dimensions will be rejected.

  • Images must be in the proper orientation for viewing when projected.

  • Each image is to have a file name comprising your name, a space, a dash (not underscore), another space, then the image name.

o The title should be a brief description of the image or words to complement the image, or guide the viewer to implied meanings.

o The full title length is to be limited to 32 characters with no punctuation e.g.: full stops, commas, apostrophes or symbols. Capitals and Numbers are allowed.

o An example title could be –“Andrew Hersom – More Windows”. The First Letter Of Each Word Should Be Capitalised For Titles.

o Any image not following this file name convention will be rejected.

• Optional: A thin, white 1 or 2px border can help with the presentation of some images. Note,for some external competitions, borders are not allowed.

f4 Group Internal Competition Rules For Prints

  • A maximum of 6 prints may be entered for any monthly competition. 

  • Prints may be submitted for club competitions either mounted or unmounted. Since presentation is a significant factor in any competition, competently mounted prints always benefit the entry’s appraisal and scoring.

  • 50cm x 40cm (portrait or landscape orientation) is the maximum (and preferred) print size including the mount. There is no minimum size. Note: Entries for YPU or PAGB competitions must be mounted on exactly 50cm x 40cm mounts in portrait or landscape orientation.

  • NB The GB TROPHY prints are A4 and unmounted.

  • A label or identification marking on the back, top right hand corner, should include your membership competition number and the print title only. This marking should indicate the correct print viewing orientation

  • Although printing by the author is encouraged, commercially printed images are allowed.

  • General Competition Conditions:

  • All images submitted, including elements of composites, must be entirely the work of the member.

Members are advised that for all Competitions, both internal AND external, they must keep the original RAW/JPEG file including date of capture of the image as well as the correctly sized jpeg which accompanies the entry.

It is a condition of entry that PDIs and Prints submitted into club competitions may be temporarily retained for a reasonable period and used to represent the club in external competitions. Some print images may be retained indefinitely as Portfolio examples for the YPU.

Members are encouraged to submit more recent material, when entering club competitions. For each PDI or Print Round competition, AT LEAST ONE image must have been taken after January 1st of the year preceding the current one.

The Submission Of Image Files Into The Competition.

Your image files should be uploaded to Google Drive within a folder, named after the title of the competition round. This is to be put into your Competition Folder, no later than midnight on the Sunday prior to the Thursday date of the competition.

The deadline for submitting entries to the Summer Outings and Annual Trip competitions, is no later than midnight 2 Sundays prior to the Thursday date of the competition. This is to allow submission of images to an external judge.

Annual Trip & Outings

You are permitted to enter up to 6 PDI images for the ‘Best of the Annual Trip’ and ‘Summer Outings’ competitions.


Failure to meet these conditions WILL lead to entries being disallowed.

External Competitions

Rules for external competitions will be issued at the appropriate time, but are substantially similar to club rules, with the following exceptions:

  • PDI file sizes are restricted to 1.9Mb or less (the competition software used can’t handle anything greater). This could mean having to save the JPEG images at settings less than ‘Best Quality’, i.e.: Setting ‘12’ in Photoshop.

  • Prints are to be mounted, at a size of exactly 50x40cm (landscape or portrait orientation), with an overall thickness (Print and mount) of 4mm or less. This is to allow fitting inside the frames used for exhibition.


PAGB = Photographic Alliance Of Great Britain
PDI = Projected Digital Image (sometimes referred to as DPI).

Rd = Round (Monthly competitions. Usually, 9 rounds per season in both PDI and Prints). px = Pixel.
YPU = Yorkshire Photographic Union

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