f4 Annual Trips and the               Cheetah Trophy  


This ​Page Outlines Details of  the Clubs Annual Trips                  Click Each Link for Further Details on that Trip


The 2020 f4 Annual Trip - Race For The Cheetah Trophy


The 2020 f4 Annual Trip to The English Lake District 


The 2019 f4 Annual Trip Cheetah Trophy Competition

02059 No 43.jpg

The 2019 f4 Annual Trip to Teeside and North Yorkshire 

no1 06084_Thick_fog_at_Walton.jpg

The Cheetah at last finds a New Home

Copy of 07095_In_Search_Of_Essex_Girls.j

f4 Goes off to the Seaside

3ffg cloisters KB.jpg

The Cheetah Trophy – Killarney 2017

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F4 Annual Outing – Dodging Ophelia and Brian

The Cheetah will not be moving.....

Coasts & Castles – f4 go off to Dorset