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Club Programme

This ​Programme Outlines Club Activities for the Year but may be Subject to Alteration 

 Programme of Events - 2024/2025

September 5th 2024.         What's In My Bag Plus Quiz - 6 Members Mini Talks  

September 12th 2024.      Selection evening for f4 vs f.0cus

September 21st 2024.       PDI RD 1 - Reflections / Member Presents Jackie Lucas

September 26th 2024       Best of the Summer Outings 

October 3rd 2024                Visiting Speaker - Tesni Ward

October 10th 2024.            Annual Trip (Bath And Bristol) or Pint In The Pub

October 17th 2024             Exchange Visit (TBA)

October 24th 2024             PDI Rd 2 - Solitude and Member Presents (TBA)

October 31st 2024              Image Critique

November 7th 2024          Editing Competition  (Members To Process Same Images For Review)

November 14th 2024        Print Rd 1 - Open (Colour or Mono) 

November 18th 2024.       f4 v f.Ocus at Bridlington Church Hall (YO16 7JX)

November 21st 2024        Best of the Annual Trip

November 28th 2024       Selection Evening for GB Cup and GB Cup Nature

December 5th 2024          Print Rd 2 Open (Colour/ Mono)

December 12th 2024       Annual Social Event / Venue To Be Arranged

January 2nd 2025             YPU Selection Night 1

January 9th 2025              PDI Rd 3 Circles /Member Presents Duncan Wood

January 18th 2025.          PDI Rd 4 Architecture /Member Presents Mo Lee

January 23rd 2025.          Final YPU Entry Selection

January 30th 2025            Print Rd 3 (Colour/Mono) 

February 6th 2025.           Visiting Speaker - Martine Hamilton - Knight

February 13th 2025.         Exchange Visit 

February 20th 2025.         Image Critique 

February 27th 2025.         Practical Evening - Macro

March 6th 2025.                 Visiting Speaker -  Emma Finch 

March 13th 2025                PDI Rd 5 Tools of the Trade / Member Presents Nigel Dalton

March 20th 2025.               Image Critique

March 27th 2025.               Visiting Speaker -  Alastair How  

April 3rd 2025.                     PDI Rd 6 Macro / Member Presents Charles Shepherd
April 10th 2025.                  Portrait Session 

April 17th 2025                   Visiting Speaker 

April 24th 2025                   PDI RD 7 The Elements and Member Presents Andrew Hersom
May 1st 2025.                      Hands On - Image Critique / Editing Comp
May 8th 2025.                     Practical Night - Still Life
May 15th 2025.                  Visiting Speaker 

May 22nd 2025.                 Print and Image of the Year 2023-2024

May 30th 2025                   AGM

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