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PDI Rd 4 - Architecture

Last night we held the 4th of our 7 internal PDI club competition rounds. The object of the exercise is to accumulate as many points as possible across the Competitions in order to win The f4 Digital Trophy. We're halfway through now and the competition is very tight.

There were again a good quantity of images and critique was well delivered by Deputy Chairman Chris Hatfield. Our 5 internal judges provided their scores and the result gave Chris a win with his image "Triangular". In second place was Duncan Wood with "The Royal Albert Hall" and in third was Keith Madden with "Copper Tiles". Our next competition is in March and members will have to find a winning entry with the theme of "Yellow". I feel bananas and daffodils coming on...

Here are the top three from last night - well done to Chris for the win.

1st Chris Hatfield - Triangular

2nd Duncan Wood - The Royal Albert Hall

3rd Keith Madden - Copper Tiles

Thanks to our judges for their efforts and to Chris for his critique.

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