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Best of the Annual Trip

Last night we held the "Best of the Annual Trip" PDI competition. Our trip this year took us to Edinburgh for some street, architectural, landscape and candid photography. A small band of us managed to travel around Edinburgh by local transport, (clean, reliable and cheap), in order to access a good selection of local photographic opportunities including Princes Street, St Giles Cathedral, St Mary's, Dean Village, Colinton Tunnel, Circus Lane and Calton Hill. We also managed to get to the Forth Road Bridge, Blackness Castle, Cove Harbour and one or two pubs and restaurants.

Our judge last night was former club Chairman - Ed Openshaw who is renowned for his excellent critique and observational skills and last night didn't disappoint - Thanks Ed.

The Winner of the competition and therefore this year'recipient of the Landlord's Cheetah Trophy with his image titled "St Giles" was Andy Hopkinson. Andy also took second place with "Blink of an Eye" and completed the clean sweep with "Starting the Tour". Here are the winning trio - very well done Andy.

For the rest of us - there's always next year...

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