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Kelham Island Museum

The f4 programme of Summer outings are scheduled for Thursday evenings, centred around an hour's travelling time from where we usually meet. Sometimes, however, an event is organised outside of this and gives members more opportunity to take images and visit places. This opportunity was presented to us by one of our more recent members, Gareth J Morgan who is a Volunteer Curator for the Hawley Collection in Sheffield at the Kelham Island Museum. The museum is on a small centrally located island, as the name suggests. It houses a large amount of industrial artifacts and to my mind, articles of significant industrial value. The largest steam engine in Europe is housed there, as are a large quantity of steel items, tools, cutlery and both cars and motor cycles from the early 1900's. The steam engine runs every day when the museum is open and is a wonderful sight to see. The site also boasts a large space on an upper floor where you can get married!

This small amount of information doesn't do it justice - go along and visit, it's worth it. Here are a few images from our visit, taken by various members. Thanks for a really enjoyable and informative tour Gareth!

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