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PDI Rd 6 - Open Mono

Last night we held the 6th internal competition of the year, only one more to go before we find the winner of the 2023-2024 Digital Projected Image Competition.

Open Mono is always a popular category and last night was no exception. Our five judges had scored in advance and we had critique provided in a completely open style by all members which enabled everyone to have an input into the evening. A different way of doing things which was both interesting and entertaining.

The winner of the competition last night was John Campbell with his image "The Road Less Travelled, with Gareth Morgan in 2nd place with "Factory Smoke" and Duncan Wood in 3rd place with "Almost Like The Real Thing". Well done folks!

Here are the top 3 :-

1st - John Campbell - "The Road Less Travelled"

2nd - Gareth Morgan - "Factory Smoke"

3rd - Duncan Wood - "Almost Like The Real Thing"

Thanks to everyone for an entertaining evening, especially Dez Green who gave us a second half of the evening presentation taking us from his first digital camera to more recent times with a selection of images and AV's.

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